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[Memory Box] 225$+Arts [OFFICIALLY CLOSED!]

This is a Couple Art (Writing is optional) contest!

But the meaning of the art does!

If you have any questions please either note me
or E-mail me :


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30 Day OTP Challenge LIST ! ! ! !
:star:On the following days, draw/write your OTP:
:bulletgreen:01 - Holding hands
:bulletgreen:02 - Cuddling somewhere
[Bullet; Green]03 - Gaming/watching a movie
[Bullet; Green]04 - On a date
[Bullet; Green]05 - Kissing
[Bullet; Green]06 - Wearing eachothers’ clothes
[Bullet; Green]07 - Cosplaying
[Bullet; Green]08 - Shopping
[Bullet; Green]09 - Hanging out with friends
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This is why you (and your art) get ignored.
People often get the sense of being ignored in the art-scene, especially here online. We all try so hard to get our foot in the door, it's like trying to stuff yourself in an overfull bus like a sardine in a can.
Sometimes you just want to socialize with other artists you admire and you seem to be talking into a brick wall or perhaps you've send your portfolio to a company over a dozen times and still don't even seem to get the smallest response or feedback. I will try and tell you WHY you get ignored and HOW you can get noticed instead.
I will go through the following cases of being ignored:
:bulletgreen: Your comment.
:bulletgreen: Your art.
:bulletgreen: Your Portfolio.
:bulletyellow: Do know, that even though being ignored feels very personal it's hardly ever personal at all! 
:bulletblue: Your comment(s) gets ignored.
It happens ever so often. You notice an artwork or a discussion and you weigh in with your opinion or admiration, perhaps even some feedback? T
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Agha Abiyasa
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
Professional Freelancer, i paints and i teaches watercolor for those who are willing.

Twitter Page :

Instagram Page :


One of the best moment from the Evangelion series. All three Evas working together as a team, and succeeding!

Watercolor on A3 paper (300Gsm)
Minutes to Midnight
It's triumph before downfall.

Eva unit 2 facing the mass produced Eva series in an epic battle, above the torn Nerv HQ. Last line of defence between humanity's detruction, and also Asuka's finest moment in the entire series, moments away from her brutal downfall.

Watercolor on paper (300Gsm)
Shinobu Donuts
If there is one episode from Koyomimonogatari i absolutely love, it's Shinobu Torus

Shinobu is defined by her love of donuts, why? some say it's purely commercial, some say it's her substitute for blood, i don't know for sure, but boy she does love her donuts.

There's this one episode from koyomimonogatari web series that features her. It told the story of Koyomi and Shinobu arguing about donuts. True to the monogatari style, the simplistic story telling belies it's deep narrative message.

In it, Shinobu and Koyomi plays an unsusual twist of an old game of hide and seek, if Koyomi can find all 4 donuts hidden by Shinobu, he may eat all of them, otherwise Shinobu would. He manages to find the first three, but never found the last donut.

It was later on the episode the ever perceptive Hanekawa shed some light of the situation to Koyomi. Shinobu hid the last donut, inside the crust of the bigger donut, which means Koyomi already ate all 4 donuts.

This begets the question, why would she hid the last donut within another donut?

Shinobu, with her pride and haugtiness, and their awkward yet warm relationship, decided to give Koyomi all 4 of the donuts while still winning the game of hide and seek. This is the middle ground in which her proud nature, and her affection to Koyomi can co-exist.


Watercolor on paper (300GSM)
Life's been..... pretty kind lately...?

Definitely having my 'up' moment for now.

So i took the job to teach local kids to draw, started out doing commissions, taking jobs from various sources, and preparing some artprints to sale at some conventions.

Having a monthly fixed income is pleasing, i can get better art tools, i can feed my family with some proper food, more budget for everything!

I even have enough to spend on those coffee shops, nice clothes and luxury!

But i can't shake this.......restlessness?

Will this last?

Will the kids i'm teaching right now have the same learning passion in the days to come? Will the job keep on coming? Hell, will people even buy my prints at the convention?

Living as an independent artist, with no guarantee for income, can be daunting most of the time. Especially if you have people to take care of.

I can't help to feel that most things won't last.

I've my share of failures, but now i can't afford to fail. Because failure cost me many things.

Still young but, it won't be forever.

Should this trade of mine fails, should people no longer have needs of my skills.

What will i do?

....i need a backup plan, a contigency.

Which i have none at the moment.

And there's future concerns.

I can get by the days with minimum to no money at all (althought it's unpleasant)

But that is not the case with my family.

I need resources, insurance,

Damnit i've always been the carefree guy.

But with my family at stake, it's worrying and making anxious.
  • Listening to: Eazy E - Real Muthafuckin G's
  • Reading: Kingdom Come
  • Playing: Dark Souls 3


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